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R P Dunk & Co’s emphasis is on providing practical and comprehensive ways to increase our clients’ net worth.  We are dedicated to meeting your expectations and identifying where opportunities lie for growth.


In order to do this we employ the best team members who are chosen for their commitment to excellence and helping meet your expectations as part of a enjoyable, friendly working environment. Being involved in the decision-making process of the firm, with room for both personal and professional growth, ensures that each member of the team is committed to meeting the goals of the firm.


It is our goal to add value to your business and our fee should not be looked upon as an expense, but as an investment that you are making to increase your net worth.





  • Friendly, courteous, efficient service. You will be respected and not taken for granted.
  • We will be honest, truthful and “up-front” with you at all times. We expect you’d be that way too. That way, we’ll build a long term and valuable relationship with each other.
  • You are seen by experienced, qualified accountants who have the authority to make decisions for you without the need for referral.
  • We electronically lodge your tax return with the Tax Office so you will get your refund within 14 days (subject to the Tax Office processing it efficiently)
  • We will gladly fax or post copies of your tax returns and other information to your bank to assist your loan application
  • We will give you two additional copies of your income tax return during the next 12 months, if requested.


You can pay by cash, cheque or credit card. We can also deduct our fee from your tax refund in some circumstances.




  • Be open and honest with us at all times. This will allow us to know immediately if you have any concerns about our work together
  • You will permit us to access all information we require in order to do your work within a reasonable time frame.
  • Agree to listen to any advice we offer. We acknowledge your absolute right to reject that advice
  • Pay our account promptly on accordance with the terms agreed with you.
  • Consider referring us to at least one other business person whom you believe would benefit from the association with our firm.
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